Books are Jessica Griffin’s life obsession. She loves reading them, writing them, sniffing them, collecting them, arranging them by color, and talking about them. Creating imaginary worlds and passionate characters that are not ashamed to reveal their flaws fills her life with meaning.
Other than that, the author spends every spare minute exploring the endless beaches of Southern Europe; she enjoys traveling to unorthodox destinations and her quiet alone time.
Her dream is to escape the restraints of corporate life and dedicate herself fully to writing, preferably in an old farmhouse somewhere on the Iberian peninsula, in the company of dozen dogs, cats, and maybe some chickens. 
Are you craving deliciously sensual fantasy romances with a pinch of darkness, feral Fae males and flawed human heroines, brutal magical worlds, and heart-wrenching conflicts that would deprive you of sleep and make you daydream? Then you’ve come to the right place.
Follow the author for news on the upcoming dark fantasy romance Crystal Serpent Book 1 The Vines of the Underworld and Crystal Serpent Book 2 The Pillars of the Firmament.
Upcoming Projects
Paranormal Escort Services: The Fae King's Favorite
Erotic Novella 
The Elders' Hex Duet
Dark Fantasy Romance
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